About Energie Row


A Trusted Commercial Partner, expertly sourcing and marketing essential commodities.

ENERGIE ROW is a privately-held commodity-trading firm active in sourcing and marketing in the Global commodity markets. We focus on a very selective subset of trading counterparties, concentrating on commodities or trading arrangements where we hold a strategic advantage or superior market position relative to the competition. 

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Our Edge

ENERGIE ROW believes that a distinct commercial differentiation is a requisite ingredient to be effective in the supply & trading of global commodities. We bring this edge to our trading arrangements by leveraging our strength areas below:


ENERGIE ROW has solid expertise in Cashew Nuts & Processed Cashew Kernel. Our procurement starts directly from the origin where we engage farmers & well known processors to transport pre-inspected goods to our processing houses and warehouses. In the mission to ensure that the highest quality product is delivered to our customers at competitive prices.This process allows us to mitigate any quality-related risks and maintain a consistently high quality in each and every shipment, thereby facilitating our ability to deliver first class goods to our customers through timely shipments.

Credible Counterparties & Indepth Market Knowledge

ENERGIE ROW actively participates in trades with a credible base of counterparties ranging from niche producers and processors to provide the quality products for worldwide customers.

​Heavy-lifting to Navigate Last-mile

ENERGIE ROW trades on an exclusive basis with strategic counterparties to enable complex trades. We specialize in providing last mile solutions  (credit, structure, fx, logistics, etc.) into complex markets.